Global Footprints

Challenges while Entering in New Country

  • Hard to find Importers for less known brands
  • Importers negotiate price to rock bottom, due to less awareness of brand
  • Brand positioning is lost in new market
  • Regular Business is a challenge
  • Trust worthy Business partners, are hard to find
  • Long term commitment is missing
  • No Loyalty to the brand
  • Constant struggle for new orders


  • Negative Impact on Brand by importers
    • Building Customer Satisfaction and trust
    • Wrong, bad promises to customers or prospects
  • Customer feel helpless and clueless about product
  • Increase in Loss of Sales: In spite of demand of products but due to unplanned supply chain and stocking the loss sales in market increases, results in negative performance of company in market.

What companies suffer or costs them, due to challenges

  • No Decisiveness hence lose comparison and their hold in industry
  • High risk of meeting Cash profit Loss
  • Every time look for new buyer, and negotiate from scratch
  • Past market performance, impacts on new deals
  • Market share is lost before actually entering in country
  • Inventory turns are very less and hence making less profits
  • Image & Impact on other businesses
  • Aspirations of Global player diminishes

Impact of Challengeson companies in new global market

  • Self Expansion
  • Pere-d-biz

Growth of Clients with Père-d-biz

  • Self Growth
  • Growth with Père-d-biz

How we work

Though our working with our clients depends on the type of industry they belongs to. However in general our engagement with our client remains at least for 2 to 3 years, according to our scope, and type of work involved.

We build a Decisive Competitive Edge and Business Strategy for our Client, in a manner that this is can not be easily copied by the competitors. We search for the local Partner, and plans the business according to market acceptability, the way it is created.

We create infrastructure, resources with our cost to guarantee the results to our clients. We remain partner in the market till the company is completely expanded and becomes sustainable in the new market/country.

Our Philosophy for creating your Global footprints

For the Company to realize the dream of “Sustain-ably Being Profitable” & remain so now and in future, its Through-put  must grow (and continue to grow) much faster than Operating Expenses.

The Way Forward

The way to have a “Decisive Competitive Edge” is to satisfy a client’s significant need, in a big enough market, to an extent that no significant competitor can.